Residential Waste Collection

Whitetail Disposal Standard Service

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Service First!

Weekly curbside trash and recycle collection with no start up fees, no delivery fees, no fuel surcharges, no environmental fees & no administrative fees. Clean, simple, easy to understand quarterly billing and e-billing plus flexible payment methods including online bill pay.

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Utilize your new 96 Gallon trash toter plus (3 quality) additional bags, 20lbs and less in weight or able to be lifted with one hand OR (1) 50 gallon personal can. *Additional bags subject to additional charge. Please see bulk page for more details

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Utilize your new 96 Gallon recycle toter & 3 CLEAR bags OR 2 bundles of flattened cardboard. Cardboard must be broken down, flattened and bundled by twine or tape. Clear “recycle” bags can be purchased at many locations including online at Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowes.

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One standard bulk item per week. Non-standard bulk items are subject to additional charge. All bulk items both standard and non-standard must be called in and scheduled at least 24 hours ahead of your normal pick up day. For example- Bulk items for a Wednesday service day must be scheduled by 5 PM Monday.

Any service related issues must be called into the office no later then 5PM the day after your service


Grass clippings make up a large percentage of the household waste produced each year. About 1,000 square feet of lawn can produce 200 to 500 pounds of clippings during a Pennsylvania growing season.

Grass cycling is a simple alternative to bagging grass clippings. Simply leave the clippings on your lawn, where they break down in 7 to 14 days. The grass clippings act as top-dressing fertilizer and help keep your lawn green and healthy.

Grass cycling tips:

Mow when grass is not wet and use a sharp mower blade. Don’t let large clumps of grass clippings accumulate on the lawn. Don’t overuse harsh chemicals and fertilizers. Look for organic brands. If possible, use a mulching mower that chops the clippings into smaller pieces. Use grass clippings as a surface mulch around vegetables or flowers to inhibit weed growth and retain soil moisture. Remember to keep clippings at least two inches away from young plants to avoid burning the new growth with excess nitrogen. Add grass clippings to your compost pile for extra nutrients and to speed up the composting process. To avoid odors, grass clippings should comprise no more than one-third of the pile.

Residential Totter Placement Montgomery PA

IMPORTANT Information about toter placement on trash day

  • Be sure to place all waste and recyclables in the specified container for each material.
  • Wheel the cart(s) to the end of your driveway prior to 12 midnight on the day before your assigned service day.
  • Carts should be placed with at least 3 feet clearance from mailboxes, poles, lampposts, vehicles and each other cart.
  • Make sure that the WHEELS ON YOUR TRASH AND RECYCLE CARTS ARE TOWARD THE HOUSE so that all waste or recyclable materials are emptied. Improper placement of cart(s) may result in material left behind in your container
  • Please do not put anything you do not wish to be picked up near your carts. For example, lawn chairs, portable basketball hoops, bicycles, etc.

Clean and Easy
to Handle Wheeled Toters

  • No more customer maintenance or replacing your own container – One call, and we take care of this too!
  • No more animals knocking over cans. No more wind blowing off lids and debris strewn throughout the community!
  • Wheeled toter carts are VERY EASY to maneuver.
  • Customers no longer have to endure the lifting or dragging of heavy cans!
  • Our toters are clean and provide the capabilities of having a neat looking neighborhood with a uniform appearance!
Whitetail Trash Carts Montgomery PA
Whitetail Recycle Carts Montgomery PA

Whitetail Disposal Standard Wheeled Toter Dimensions


  • MSD-95 E
  • MSD-65 E
  • MSD-45 E


  • 45 3/8"
  • 42 3/8"
  • 39 1/5"


  • 27 1/2"
  • 25 1/8"
  • 22 3/5"


  • 33 1/4"
  • 29 1/2"
  • 27 2/5"