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Bulk Services

Have a piece of furniture or an item that won’t fit in you container? We can help!

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Bulk Services

One standard bulk item is included with a weekly pick-up. All items must be scheduled in advance.

To schedule a bulk pick-up, and receive a price quote, please call the office or contact us below.

  • Bulk Service is required to be scheduled 48 hours in advance.
  • All bulk items need to be curbside the night before the scheduled pick up day.
  • Bulk items may be scheduled with a separate truck from your normal trash truck. The bulk truck can run on your service day or the following day.
  • We ask that the bulk item remains curbside.


What is a

Bulk Item

The simple answer is anything that can’t go in your toter is considered bulky waste. That includes:

  • items that won’t fit in your container (extra and oversized items like additional trash bags, furniture, etc.)
  • items that can’t safely be put in your can including hazardous and E-waste.

Bulk does not include items we can’t take like car bodies, tires, construction, and demolition Debris, or items requiring more than two persons to remove.

  • Furniture & Appliances
  •  Extra bags beyond what is included with weekly service (3 household or 1 contractor bag)
  • Hazardous & E-Waste
  • Anything that won’t fit in your toter but we can take
front load garbage truck- service

Common Standard Items

Included at No Charge
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Dining Room Chair

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Small TV Stand

2’x2′ or Smaller

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Table Top or Floor Style

checkmark icon

Plastic Storage Tote


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Computer Chair

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End Table

2’x2′ or Smaller and No Glass

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Standing Fan

Oscillating or Box Style

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Step Ladder

3 Step or Less

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Rocking Chair

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Patio Chair

We Can’t Take Everything

Items We Cannot Take

Some items are a safety risk for our employees. Some items are too large for our staff or trucks to accommodate.

Many of these items can be disposed of in our roll-offs.

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Disposal of tires is highly regulated. Contact your local tire retailor for disposal options.

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Swing Set

Too bulky and awkward to safely pick up.

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Construction Material

We can help you get rid of construction material by renting a roll off.

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Mirrors & Panes of Glass

These item will shatter in transport which is dangerous for our employees and the community.

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Too heavy for us to safely maneuver and remove.

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Too bulky and awkward to safely pick up.

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Propane Tanks

Many propane retailer will take these or see if your local household hazardous waste (HHW) collection program will accept single-use propane cylinders.

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Windows & Sliding Glass Doors

These will shatter in transport which is dangerous for our employees and the community.

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Diving Board

Too long and awkward to safely pick up.

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Too heavy for our employees to safely pick up.

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Pool Table

Too heavy for our employees to safely pick up.

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Air Hockey Table

Too heavy and awkward to safely pick up.

Hazardous & E-Waste

Hazardous and E-Waste Services

We can schedule the removal of some hazardous and electronic waste.

For items, we cannot take or lower-cost options, check out your local counties’ pages for availability.

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Single stream recycling toters are currently contaminated with material that cannot be recycled.

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Cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets, appliances, and more can all become e-waste.

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Montgomery County

Bucks County

Lehigh County

Berks County

Chester County

Northampton County

Hazardous Items

We Can Schedule for Removal

Hazardous item removal is not included with the service

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Refrigerators & Freezers

PA requires doors & lids be removed before placing them curbside.

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Contain lead, mercury, and toxic chemicals.

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Computers & Components

Including: Towers, Monitors, Laptops, Printers, and Personal Devices

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Air Conditioners & Dehumidifiers

Freon and similar refrigerants used in these applicants require special disposal.

5 R’s
For More Information On

Household Hazardous Waste

Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection has detailed information on various hazardous items and disposal programs that may be available in your area.