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Understanding Your

Statement or Invoice

Online Portal
24/7 Access

Online Payment Portal

You can view your open invoices or statements, make payments, and manage your account 24/7 through our online portal.

Online Bill Pay FAQ

Need to Register?

You will need your customer number and access code which can be found on your statement or invoice.

  1. Follow the link below.
  2. Click the register now button.
  3. Complete the registration form. You will need a copy of your statement or invoice which has your account number and access code.
  4. Make sure to write down or save your log in information.

Don’t see an access code? You may already have an account. Try resetting you password or contact us to update you ID.

Billing Options
Don’t want to mail a check or call the office?

Autopay is run at the beginning of each payment period (after the invoice or statement has been issued).

Payment is run for your current balance due.

*Existing balances are not automatically paid at time of autopay enrollment and will not be picked up until the next billing cycle.

If your card expires or you receive a new card for any reason, or your E-checking information has changed, you will need to update your payment information through our online portal or over the phone.


How to Sign Up
Go Paperless
Want to reduce your environmental impact?

You can manage how you receive statements and invoices including setting up paperless billing  through our online portal under the “Billing Options” tab, over the phone, or by emailing the office.


How to Sign Up
Residential Subscription Services

Terms & Conditions

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Billing For

Residential Recycling

In an effort to reduce waste reaching landfills and disposal facilities by improving recycling rates, Pennsylvania introduced statewide recycling through the 1988 Municipal Waste Planning Recycling and Waste Reduction Act (Act 101).

To support this effort and in order to efficiently provide recycling service to mandated residents Whitetail Disposal is unable to offer à la carte waste and recycling  services.

Admin/Late Fees

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Fuel Surcharge

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Environmental/Regulatory Surcharge

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Billing Support

Commonly Asked Questions

You can pay your invoice or statement by:

  • Credit Card
  • Electronic Check
  • Paper Check

  • You can make payments 24/7 online through our portal.
  • Over the phone at 610-754-0103.
  • Mailing a check with the completed payment slip included on your statement or invoice.


Please check your most recent statement or invoice for your billing period or contact us for specific account information.

  • Most residential customers are billed quarterly.
  • Most commercial customers are billed monthly.

Please check your most recent statement or invoice for your next due date or contact us for specific account information.  You can also view open statements and invoices on our web portal.

Most residential statements are due by the last day of the month prior to the start of the next quarter of service. For example payment for the January/February/March quarter would be due by December 31st.

Most likely we have not received you payment yet.

Checks sent by mail are subject to postal system turn around times which are beyond our control.

Many online Bill Pay providers send a paper check as the actual form of payment.

  • For fastest payment turn around times we recommend making payments over the phone our through our online portal.

Customer is responsible for all incurred NSF fees.

Turn around times for payments to be reflected on your account very depending on how payment was submitted and the form of payment used.

  • Phone and web payments through our portal made  are the fastest payment method and are usually reflected in 2 business days.
  • Checks sent by mail are subject to postal system turn around times and bank processing times which are beyond our control.
  • Bill Pay and other automatic payment options vary by provider and may still be subject to postal system turn around times and bank processing times .

If your service was suspended for non-payment or you are concerned your service may be suspended and you just made a payment please contact us via phone, email, to ensure your pick up.

Please follow the link below for instructions.

Whitetail Disposal Customer Service