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Winter Weather

Helpful Tips for Inclement Weather

With winter upon us, we may experience times of inclement weather. Please keep in mind the below tips to assist in safe collection.

  • Please keep cans and area around cans free from snow / ice.
  • Please try to prevent throwing away any very wet trash – this may freeze inside the can causing the trash to not be fully emptied.
  • Always have the cans out the night before your service day. If we are expecting weather to start later in the day, our drivers may start their routes earlier than normal
  • If your road or alleyway is not plowed or clear of snow and ice, our team may not be able to service.
  • If there are only portions of our service area affected, emails will be sent to those customers notifying them of any potential delays. Please make sure your email is on file with our team. To do this, log into your online portal and verify the email is accurate. Also make sure you did not unsubscribe to our Constant Contact emails. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team to assist.
  • In the event of a full company delay due to severe weather, this information will be posted on our website and phone system, along with email notifications.

December 20, 2022