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Featured Insights, Recycling 101

Recycling: Let’s Talk About It

Recycling and You:

Let’s face it, recycling can be confusing! You want to do your best and make sure that you are recycling as many materials as possible to keep them out of the landfill or incinerator, but what is the best way to go about it?

We hear from all different sources that so many things are recyclable. What can you actually put into your household recycling can? What do you need to recycling through a specialized program? What do you need to put in your trash?

Our new blog series on recycling will help you navigate through some of these challenges, provide information on the best recycling items, where they go and what they turn into! We will also be providing some helpful links and additional information to encourage long-term and sustainable recycling and reuse.

Please note, items that are not recyclable may not always be able to go into the trash stream as well. Batteries (especially lithium), light bulbs, pressurized cans, flammable liquids, etc. should not go into either trash or recycling containers. Many areas offer Household Hazardous Waste days that provide a safe place to dispose of these items.

February 06, 2024