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Featured Insights, Recycling 101

Recycling: Common Terms

Common Terms and Definitions

To start with, let’s discuss some recycling common terms and definitions . What are they? What does all this mean?

What is Single Stream Recycling?

Single Stream recycling is the current type of recycling offered by Whitetail Disposal; all recycling should be placed into the provided toter clean and loose. Please make sure that any food waste is rinsed out of the bottles & jars, there is no greasy paper or cardboard (especially pizza boxes) in the can and nothing is bagged. Plastic bags themselves are not recyclable and should be kept out of the container. Please see our Recycling page here for detailed information on what can or cannot go into the can.

What are Recyclable Products/Packaging?

These are materials that can be recycled at the end of the lifecycle, however these may require a specialized recycler or process.

What about Packaging Made from Recycled Content?

This means the company who made the packaging has used recycled material. This does not mean that the contents of the package are recyclable or that the material is able to be recycled again.

What is Recycled Content/Product?

This means that the product or content is made from at least a percentage of recycled material. The recycled material could come from unused scraps, which is called pre-consumer content. For example, material scraps and trimmings that were previously thrown away could be collected and used to create a different material. The material could also come from other products that were used and recycled, being made into something else, which is called post-consumer content.

To learn more, visit our partner CRI here.

February 14, 2024