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Fire Hazard Warning

Dump heap burning with a lot of smoke

Hazardous Items – Fire Hazard Warning – Do Not Throw Away

With the nicer weather comes spring cleaning, bonfires, camping and all the fun, nice weather activities. Unfortunately, this is also the time when flammable and combustible items are mixed with the trash or recycling. These items may cause fires at the disposal sites, recycling centers or even inside the trucks. These fires are extremely dangerous not only to the drivers, helpers, and employees of these centers but also can create a giant mess on roadways. If you have ever seen a truck fire (or the remnants of) you will know how dangerous these can be.

We all know that items like gasoline, diesel or kerosene are highly flammable and should not be thrown away. Did you know that other items like batteries and some electronic items, along with any type of cylinder that contained gas like helium, oxygen or propane and even propellent canisters like spray paint can combust when compressed? Batteries are one of the main culprits of garbage truck fires as they are sensitive to high temperatures and are inherently flammable.

Other items, like coals from a grill or ash from a bonfire should also stay out of the cans. While they may appear to be out and cool to the touch, it can take 48 hours minimum for the coals and ash to be safe to handle. Coals and ash will ignite other trash. If another customer may have improperly disposed of a flammable item, the combination of the two equals disaster. Please remember, if you are unsure of what is safe to dispose of, check our website or call our team. We will be more than happy to help guide you!

June 05, 2023