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Alternate Uses for Fallen Leaves

Don’t feel like raking and bagging those fall leaves? Looking to save time, effort, and keep leaf waste out of the waste stream?

Instead of purchasing leaf bags, spending countless hours raking and bagging those leaves, and lugging them to the curb for collection, instead consider just leaving them there they are. The top benefits of letting the leaves lay:

  • Fallen leaves provide a natural habitat for multiple species of animals and insects. Beneficial insects like earthworms and butterflies make their homes inside the fallen, decomposing leaves.
  • As leaves break down, they add organic matter and nutrients to the soil, helping the grass to grow stronger come the spring.
  • Many people choose to use leaf blowers instead of raking; when you allow the leaves to remain in place, you are preventing noise pollution from leaf blowers.

Do you just have too many leaves to lay on the ground? Concerned about soil health from the thick carpet of leaves? Consider these options instead:

  • Use a lawn mower or leaf mulcher to break the leaves down to small bits that will decompose into your yard over the winter
  • Rake the leaves and create leaf mold to then add to your spring gardens. https://www.treehugger.com/dont-get-rid-of-those-leaves-make-garden-enriching-leaf-4863406
  • Create a leaf compost pile in a corner of your yard. This will have the added benefits of providing a natural habitat for various wildlife and insects. The pile will break down over the year and will be ready for next year’s leaves.

October 28, 2022