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E Waste Disposal Services


Get educated about what items are acceptable.


Get educated about what items are acceptable and which items are not.
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Problems that stem from contaminated recycling loads.


Single stream recycling toters are currently contaminated with material that cannot be recycled.
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E-Waste is any electronic device that is unwanted.


Cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets, appliances, and more can all become e-waste.
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4R’s of recycling

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover

4R’s of recycling

Help Whitetail be Pennsylvania’s leading environmentally correct waste hauler by partnering with us and practicing the 4R’s in your home today!
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How Do I get rid of my E-waste?

E-Waste is any electronic device that is unwanted. Cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets, appliances, and more can all become e-waste. Some of this electronic waste can contain toxic materials such as lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium and many other materials that are harmful for people and the environment. Therefore, products that contain these materials have to be disposed of correctly. When they are thrown into landfills, the dangerous chemicals inside leak out over time pollute water streams that run into lakes, making the water unfit for human consumption and wild life.

Many electronic products contain material that is useful and can be reused to conserve natural resources and energy. Electronics can be taken apart and harvested for parts that can be reused in other devices. This will reduce air pollution, water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

On Jan. 24, 2013 the PA Covered Device Recycling Act established a disposal ban for all covered devices and components of such devices. Thus, desktop computers, laptop computers, computer monitors, computer peripherals and televisions may no longer be disposed with municipal waste in Pennsylvania at this time. This means that these devices and their components may not be taken to nor accepted by landfills or other solid waste disposal facilities for disposal.


Whitetail Disposal does offer E-Waste pick up as an a la carte service to residential customers in our service area.

Simply call our office to let us know you have an electronic item that needs picked up.

We send a separate truck to make sure those items are safely and properly recycled. 

Homeowner Tips

Examine the Packaging

Before making a purchase, check if the item has to be disposed of or recycled in a special way.

Create a Space for E-Waste

Have a specific place in your home where you can put your unwanted electronic devices.

Find Your Local Hazardous Waste Facility

You can drop off your dangerous materials at these companies and they will dispose of them for you. Many companies, such as Best Buy, collect these items.

Know Where it Goes

Make sure you know where you recycled e-waste is going. Avoiding sending your garbage overseas saves on greenhouse gas emissions. Also, this will help protect workers in developing countries.

Donate or Sell

Extend the life of your electronics by donating or selling them to keep them out of the landfills.

Hazardous Waste Items We Accept

The following items are NOT included with your standard service and will incur an extra cost for removal. Please contact the bulk department over the phone or through the website for pricing and to schedule.

For additional information on household hazardous waste and electronics recycling please consult with your local county page by clicking the appropriate destination below.